Nick Mariano"In sports, things aren't given to you. You have to work to get what you want.

I have put a lot of work in with Joe and he is making me work to be better and succeed on all levels."

Nick Mariano
Syracuse University Lacrosse

Steven Rodrigues
"Meeting Joe Regan as a ninth grader, I had no idea my world was about to change. His training methods and nutrition is like nothing I have ever seen. It has completely revolutionized my life.

Not only is Joe a great trainer and nutritionist, he is a great mentor and somebody who you can talk to when something is wrong. He is the type of person you want to be around.

He would do anything for his athlete to be the best. His presence has been a blessing and has extremely helped me on and off the mat. I don't know where I would be without Joe Regan."

Steven Rodrigues
University of Illinois, Wrestling

Dave Colagiovanni"Joe fine-tuned my training for the in-season and off-season which resulted in increased gains in speed, strength, flexibility and endurance.

Without a doubt Joe has been a great help to me in my training while working with my tough schedule and transforming my own daily habits into a world of fitness and nutritional gains.

It is truly an advantage to have Joe Regan in my corner to guide me on my way to an NCAA National Title in 2010. To say the least, Joe Regan puts tops athletes in the country at the top of the podium."

Dave Colagiovanni
Cortland University, Wrestling

"Joe is the reason for where I am today. If it wasn't for his nutrional advice, strength training, wrestling coaching, and most importantly, unending friendship and support, my wrestling career would not have been as successful."

Billy Watterson
Brown University, Wrestling

Shannon Dawkins"Joe is a wonderful source of information and inspiration on nutrition. I found him very easy to work with. He helped me to see the areas that were causing me trouble with my nutrition and provided me with easy solutions.

I appreciated having a nutritionist who is also a serious athlete as he understood my needs and concerns with race nutrition recovery in addition to daily meals. Before I met Joe I was having a lot of trouble cramping in races. Thanks, Joe for all your help and extra time helping me prepare for the Duathlon World Championships in Rimini, Italy 2008."

Shannon Dawkins
United States World Team, Duathlon

"Joe taught me about what carbohydrates, proteins, and fats actually were and how they can potentially hamper or benefit one’s performance. Whether you are trying to compete on an international level or just cure a simple allergy, Joe has the knowledge and capability to help you to reach your goals."

Dominick Oddo
Columbia University, Wrestling

"Although I'm only 14, I've tried many different forms of exercise, and Joe's is the only place that has kept me interested. It is a great combination of strength training and cardio. It is the one workout I actually love."

Blair Lenzi
Kennedy Catholic Volleyball